Transfer Photos and Pictures from iPhone, iPod to Computer

>Copy synced pictures from iPod to PC, transfer pictures between iPhone and computer

  • Restore photos from iPod to PC
  • View photos in your iPod, iPhone and iPad from computer
  • Auto find and copy the pictures with hightest resolution
  • Extract pictures you synced to iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • Transfer photos and pictures in album from iPod to PC
  • Upload any picture from computer to iPad and iPhone
  • All iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes compatible

Worry about the quality of photos? We find the highest resolution.

high quality photo transferred

When you sync photos from computer to iPod with iTunes, if you have selected "Include full resolution photos" option in the iTunes, QuickWhale Photo Transfer will export full resolution photos automatically. If you didn't select this option in your iTunes before, don't worry, it can still extract the highest quality of desired photos from iPad, iPhone and iPod thumbnail database. It works in both situations like a charm.

Photo albums are still here

QuickWhale Photo Transfer recover photo albums too, it allows you to transfer your photos into album folders automatically. You can copy the pictures from iPod to computer and save to their album folders as same as in the iPod or iPhone, iPad. It works for both synced pictures and camera photos.

Read and create albums
import photos to iphone

Upload photos to your iPad, iPhone in a better way

QuickWhale Photo Transfer can also transfer photos to your iPad or iPhone directly.

Better than iTunes, you can choose photos from different folders and put them into a single album in your iPad and iPhone. Rename, create and delete any albums in your iPad and iPhone. You can always add, delete pictures or photos in your iPhone or iPad. No need to stick to a single photo folders and sync the full folder everytime. QuickWhale Photo Transfer provides a more flexible and easier way to manage your photos.

User comments about QuickWhale Photo Transfer

The only tool I found to work with my old iPod nano. Almost giveup, thanks.
After my computer crashed, I though I lost all my photos of last summer holiday. With your photo transfer I managed to recover them all from my iPod Touch.
I use it to sync photos from other places to my iPad, it allows me to add photos directly without losing old pictures, way much better than iTunes did.
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